Tom Hutton, Office of University Relations, 262-3439

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO — The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs will form an education and research center dedicated to ensuring the security of military and commercial computer networks.

Announced at the University of Colorado Board of Regents meeting held today at the campus, the Network Information and Space Security Center will initially focus on the technological and management issues of computer networks used by the military for national security. The center will quickly expand its mission to include commercial computer networks, ensuring security for various e-commerce systems and space-based system architectures.

“This center will build on university expertise in the areas of computer science, electrical engineering, information systems, mathematics, business, and public affairs on this campus and at CU campuses in Boulder and Denver,” Chancellor Pam Shockley said. “With the military presence in Colorado Springs and in particular the U.S. Space Command, we believe the Center can become an important collaborative effort to work cooperatively to ensure that our nation’s most sensitive computer networks are safe.”

Although details of the Center remain to be clarified, initial plans call for it to work in collaboration with industry, government and other academic entities to identify network security needs and find solutions to those needs. The center’s first partner will be the U.S. Space Command which plans to enroll approximately 15 students, including both military members and civilian employees, in advanced university computer science courses this spring.

“We are pleased with the educational program developed by UCCS,” said Army Lt. Gen. Edward G. Anderson, deputy commander-in-chief of U.S. Space Command. “We believe this program will educate our staff on emerging technologies related to our Computer Network Operations mission and will create a pool of local computer professionals from which we can recruit to accomplish and enhance our Computer Network Operations mission.”

The Center will operate from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs with close working relationships with the University’s colleges of Engineering and Applied Science and Business. Those colleges will work closely with other CU campus departments as well as with faculty at other universities to provide state-of-the-art training to military personnel and conduct research related to network security. The participants in the center will be eligible to earn certificates of completion or credit toward master’s or doctoral degrees offered by CU-Colorado Springs.

While part of the university, the Center will be guided by an advisory board that includes representatives from the U.S. Space Command.

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