Finals are Coming!

Finals are coming, the semester is drawing to a close, you’re first semester is almost behind you, and then you get to take a break. But not before the most anticipated part of the year, finals!

That’s right the dreaded days are swiftly approaching. Here are a few easy strategies to help you alleviate your stress and prepare for your end of semester exams.

1: Arrive early instead of barely on time, be organized and ready not in a panic. Try to go into the test alert and calm instead of tense and anxious.

2: Regard a lapse of memory as perfectly normal; do not let it throw you into a panic. If you block on answering one question, leave it for a while and return to it later.

3: Make certain that you fully understand the test directions before attempting to solve any problems or answer any questions.

4: Plan how you will use your time during the exam. Quickly look over the entire test and divide up your available time as appropriate to the number and type of questions that you find. Then be careful not to mismanage your time so that you find yourself with insufficient time to answer all the questions.

5: Read each question carefully and completely before marking or writing your answer. Re-read the question if you are at all confused.

6: Be careful not to give any impression of cheating.

7: Do not be disturbed about other students finishing before you do. Take your time, don’t panic, and you will do much better on the test.

8: If you have any time left over, edit, check, and proofread your answers. Use all the time given to eliminate careless errors and to improve your answers if at all possible.

To prepare for your final exams you can contact the learning centers, form a study group or utilize a course tutor. To get information about all your options contact Barbara at 255-3688 and Ellen at 255-7551 in the office 1st Year Experience. It’s a proven fact that resting before and after studying helps the brain better retain information for future processing.