UCCS Galleries of Contemporary Art launches 2017-2018 season

Daisy McGowan, (719) 255-3504, [email protected] Tom Hutton, (719) 255-3439, [email protected]
Diego Rodriguez-Warner – Untitled 2016. Rodriguez-Warner’s work will be shown as part of the Great Expectations exhibit which opens Aug. 4.

COLORADO SPRINGS – The University of Colorado Colorado Springs Galleries of Contemporary Art will bring 20 professional artists to Colorado Springs, highlight student work and open new space in the Ent Center for the Arts in 2017 and 2018.

Daisy McGowan, artistic director, GOCA, announced the 36th GOCA season July 31, emphasizing a diverse range of media and concepts. GOCA exhibits will be in three locations this year, the 36-year-old campus site in Centennial Hall, downtown at 121 S. Tejon Street and new Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Ent Center for the Arts.

2017 – 2018 GOCA Season

“Smokebreak” by Streeter Wright. Other pieces of Wright’s work will be shown as part of the Great Expectations exhibit.

Great Expectations
Aug. 4-Nov. 11
GOCA 121, 121 S. Tejon Street
Artists: Erica Day, Stephanie Kantor, Nathan Hodges, Suzie McMurtry, Diego Rodriguez-Warner, Elizabeth Selby, Frankie Toan, Streeter Wright, Ryan Wurst and Dustin Young

This biannual exhibition surveys emerging artists working along the Colorado Front Range. The featured artists featured work in painting, drawing, sculptural installation, new media, fibers, and sound performance. They create contemporary art in exciting and challenging ways.

Democratic Vistas
Sept. 8-Dec. 9
GOCA1420, UCCS Centennial Hall, 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Artists: Betty Ross and Murray Ross

The art of Betty Ross and the late Murray Ross traverses time, world travels and connects across a lifelong collaboration. The founders of UCCS Theatreworks were also fine artists who created paintings, drawing and assemblage boxes over four decades. Their works will fill the campus gallery space for one last run. The campus gallery, which opened in 1981, will close following the January 2018 opening of the Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Ent Center for the Arts. A 92-page catalog will accompany the exhibit and several events exploring the Ross legacy are planned.

Dec. 1 – March 17, 2018
GOCA 121, 121 S. Tejon Street
Artists: Jonathan Dankenbring and Corey Drieth

Jonathan Dankenbring and Corey Drieth, assistant professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department,  are Colorado-based artists who explore minimalism across media, including solo works and a collaboration. Dankenbring works in series that employ a reductive visual language, investigating the residual traces of minimalism found in contemporary technology and design. Drieth seeks to create a personal iconography to share with others through his “lyrically poetic objects that evoke a sense of deep intimacy and mystery.”

Floyd D. Tunson: Janus
Feb. 1 – April 14, 2018
Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art, Ent Center for the Arts, 5225 N. Nevada Avenue
Artist: Floyd D. Tunson

Janus, the ancient Roman god of beginnings, transitions, time, duality, passages and endings, is depicted with two faces, one looking to the future and one to the past. Floyd D. Tunson, a multi-dimensional and critically acclaimed artist, declared in his artist statement: “I have become Janus.” Tunson will share a new body of work to inaugurate the Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Ent Center for the Arts.

UCCS Visual Art Major Exhibition
April 20 – May 12, 2018
GOCA 121, 121 S. Tejon Street
Artists: UCCS students

This exhibit displays the cumulative work of graduating senior UCCS visual art majors. The artists own every aspect of the exhibit. Curated, designed, and installed by the graduating class, this collaborative effort spans the course of the spring semester. Students will determine what artwork is displayed as they embark on lifelong creative paths. Working across all media, students explore movements throughout art history from their own perspective.

Lazy Stitch May 4 – July 21, 2018
Location: Marie Walsh Sharpe Gallery, Ent Center for the Arts, 5225 N. Nevada Avenue
Artists: Cannupa Hanska Luger, Chip Thomas, Jesse Hazelip, Kali Spitzer and Cohdi Harrell

Organized by Cannupa Hanska Luger, Lazy Stitch will interpret the concept of the bead as connection point for human beings across land, race, culture, gender and time. The exhibition will include five Southwest United States-based contemporary artists who question precious objects and ideas and conceptually investigate the fluidity of the human experience.

GOCA is a regional hub of contemporary art, culture, and conversation. By featuring world-class artists, hosting artist and expert talks, and offering meaningful events, GOCA engages UCCS students, faculty, staff and Pikes Peak region community members in contemporary culture and life.

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