Student Response Team takes action

College can be stressful and sometimes the demands can be downright overwhelming. The recently formed UCCS Student Response Team aims to help students manage those stressful and overwhelming times.

Today, the Student Response Team gathered with faculty, staff and students in the University Theater to explain exactly how it can help students navigate hard times and difficult situations.

Comprised of three main departments, Student Success, the University Counseling Center and Public Safety, the Student Response Team’s official mission is to “coordinate responses to significant campus situations and events involving UCCS students, which require intervention in order to assist the community and its members to return to a more homeostatic state of functioning.”

What does that mean? Essentially the members of the Student Response Team will work together, and with outside departments, to help students deal with situations such as:

• A student death or significant trauma;

• Student situations involving medical or psychological concerns;

• Campus emergency situations that directly affect the well-being of students; and

• Student behavior patterns that indicate a deteriorating state and a need for help.

Robert Wonnett, vice chancellor of student success and coordinator of the team, described a recent situation where the Student Response team, after being notified by faculty, assisted a student struggling with a life-threatening illness. This particular student suddenly fell ill, was hospitalized and could not attend class. The Student Response Team stepped in to work with the student, student’s family and faculty to ensure the appropriate campus members were informed of the situation, and to coordinate his return to class.

Because the Student Response Team is a newer group on campus, it plans to make more presentations to groups across campus in the coming months. To learn more, contact a core team member at the following:

• Robert Wonnett, vice chancellor , Student Success –, 262-3582

• Dixie Vandeputte, director, Counseling Center –

• Jim Spice, police chief, Department of Public Safety –, 262-3288.