Campus safety update

Tom Hutton, (719) 255-3439, (719) 351-6519,

April 16, 2013

To the Campus Community:

Campus safety was ensured this afternoon following action by Campus Police officers.

At about 12:30 p.m., a male passenger from a city bus approached a UCCS police officer and asked if he could have a gun on campus and removed what appeared to be a gun from his jacket pocket. After complying with the officer’s request to put the gun on the ground, the officer determined the gun was a BB gun. After questioning, the man was given an exclusion notice and escorted from campus. He was not a UCCS student and, to our knowledge, not affiliated with the campus in any way.

At no time were members of the campus community in danger. Campus police officers reacted to the situation in a professional manner.

Following the events in Boston yesterday, I understand the heightened sensitivity of campus community members. I assure you that Campus Police officers are actively patrolling the campus to ensure a safe learning environment. As always, community members are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to Campus Police by calling 255-3111.


Brian McPike, interim chief, UCCS Police Department